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Split system air-conditioning is an affordable cost friendly way to cool or heat your home, weather it be a bedroom, family dining area or loungeroom, split system air-conditioners are great. Easy to operate with a push of a button, low operating costs due to new inverter technology and easy to maintain. Defiantly a popular choice among WA home and business owners.


  • Cost effectiveness
  • Fast cooling and heating
  • Energy-efficient, cheap running costs
  • Air purification filtration systems can catch fine particles such as dust, mould spores, and other allergens.
  • split systems offer completely ductless designs, which save you on air energy movement
  • An Easier Installation Process. A split system requires a lot less work to install.


  • The unit can be seen ( mounted on the wall inside )
  • Only provides cool air for one part of the house, which is the room in which it is fitted in.
  • limited space for the split system outdoor unit i.e....home owners with only a balcony/unit style homes