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Evaporative air conditioning is perfectly suited to the dry hot climate of western Australia and will provide optimum cooling in those hot dry summers days.

Which make these units perfectly suited to the Australian lifestyle.

Evaporative air conditioning essentially takes in the warm air from the outside drawing it through water cooled pads which then produces cool air and is then passed through the entire house through the ductwork in the roof into every room you want cooled and then out through open windows and doors, giving a steady supply of fresh, cool air.

Some of the benefits of installing a evaporative air conditioner units are simple, low energy running costs which save the bank account. Less impact on the environment giving you peace of mind that your carbon footprint is to a minimum as evaporative air conditioners a strictly water based and use no chemicals or refrigerants.

An Evaporative cooler gives your home a continuing supply of fresh cool air, as an evap cooler does not use recycled air like traditional air conditioning does, making your home a clean, safe and hygienic environment for those who suffer from outside airborne allergies.


  • Low energy running costs
  • Low greenhouse gas emissions
  • A natural source of cooling
  • Doors and windows can remain open
  • Affordable installation costs


  • Efficiency is reduced when humidity is high
  • Requires a consistent supply of water to operate
  • Cooling function only
  • Doors and windows must remain open to operate properly