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Solar power has never been so affordable to western Australian home and business owners so here at rural energy services where here to make it happen. Perth Western Australia has some of the sunniest weather to this day and with electricity costs continuing to rise now is the time to jump onto the saving train.

Why wouldn’t you, Rural energy services have help hundreds of WA home and business owners on the road to reducing there power bills and increasing there savings as well as leaving there mark for a clean greener future.

Government incentives are also generous (Solar Rebate) and available for solar panel installers in Perth and western Australia. This helps reduce some of the upfront costs of installing a solar panels system.

String inverters

These are the most popular and are commonly used for both residential and commercial solar systems throughout western Australia and Perth . The solar inverter consists of a terminal block that connects rows of solar panel cable stings to it, and usually mounted on an outside wall. Inside the solar inverter, total generated electricity from your solar panels are converted from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC), so the solar power can be used in your home.


Solar Micro-inverters sit under each individual solar panel, converting generated direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) at the solar panel itself, so there’s no need for a solar inverter on the side of your house. Solar panel micro-inverters also eliminate dangerous high-voltage DC running across your roof, meaning there will only be the same standard (AC) power that powers your everyday appliances.