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The Ducted refrigerated air conditioning system is by far the most popular air conditioning option among WA home and business owners.

Ducted air conditioning is the ultimate comfort in home and business cooling and heating. Ducted air conditioning systems partnered with a zone control system will allow you to select and adjust the temperature and air flow inside your home leaving you in total comfort all year round.

A ducted air conditioning system is one that provides cooling and heating throughout your home or business to multiple rooms and areas through a series of ducts which are usually installed in the roof of your home. Grills or vents are installed in the rooms or areas you want to cool or heat, and a air zone control panel will allow you to adjust the temperature in each individual room or area.


  • Year round cooling or heating throughout your home (reverse cycle)
  • Operates well in high humidity
  • Area/room zoning system allows the user to decide whether to cool the entire house or individual rooms or zones
  • Quieter than split system air conditioners, and also discreet as hidden in ceilings


  • More expensive installation costs as some systems are more complex
  • Higher running costs
  • Limited to curtain homes as some homes cannot accommodate ducted air conditioning due to inadequate space